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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Local hero Jace Kempton has it all ahead of him tonight as he leads the points after Night One of the SSWA WA Street Stock Title at Carnarvon Speedway.

Kempton went through the opening night undefeated, winning all three of his preliminary heats to be nineteen points ahead of second placed Jack Barnewall who along with Paul Bowman were the only other two drivers to claim multiple heat wins on night one. David Padmore splits the middle of the three in third place.

The opening heat began with much fanfare, but it did not last long as Jamie Terkildsen and Jeremy Ferris ended up spinning in the opening turns setting up a complete restart. Once again cars spinning brought out the cautions with two complete, with Russell Gunn leading while Hayden Norman had already come from the rear to fourth. The next restart saw Barry Mason and Steven Griffiths come together, Griffiths going into the front straight wall hard. The race got underway once again and this time Gunn raced away with Norman on his tail, unable to make the pass despite lapped playing a part.

The second heat again saw cars spinning in the early going but the big issue was when pole sitter Corey Sandow and one of the pre-event favourites in Mick Hamon came together under the yellow light, both coming to a stop against the turn three wall. Both were able to restart with veteran racer Wayne Thomson taking the lead and managing to hold off Hamon, Sandow and Damon Lyall who were fighting it out in an intense battle. Thomson went on to defeat Hamon and Sandow.

Heat three would be the first flag to flag affair with local driver Jace Kempton leading from start to finish while Peter Herbert charged from eighth to second by the drop of the chequered flag.

The final heat of the first round saw the fastest man in practice Shane Beaumont and Craig Clayton come together and slow, bringing out the yellows. Kalgoorlie driver Jack Barnewall pulled away to win the heat while David Padmore and Hamish Macalpine had an epic battle that lasted the whole distance for second, Padmore holding on while Matt Herbert was awarded third after Macalpine was relegated after the race.

The first heat of round two got off to a good start but again the yellows would punctuate the race, Freddy Kinsella causing the first stoppage as he came to a stop. Upon the resumption Paul Briggs would race into the lead while behind him Peter Herbert and Wayne Thomson were working their way through the field. The duo had a great battle in the last half of the race, Thomson sneaking under Herbert to claim second at the chequers.

Hayden Norman checked out early in heat six as Ethan Genev, Jack Barnewall and David Padmore battled for second in a titanic fight which became even more massive as Corey Sandow became involved, a number of cars changing positions in the final laps in a set of chaotic laps. Norman would go on to cross the line in first, defeating Barnewall and Padmore, but Barnewall and Sandow were both relegated at the end of the race for indiscretions, handing Padmore second and local Wade Mason third.

The seventh heat picked up where the sixth left off, Phil Lycholit coming from the front row had a half lose coming out of turn one at the start, with seven cars piling in and hitting him, but somehow all continuing on the restart. It continued to be hectic as the race went green again, with cars switching and swapping all throughout the next few laps, until Hamish Macalpine appeared to blow a tyre, the car turning hard right into the turn three wall. Cars went two wide for the lead and three wide for third on the restart but local Jace Kempton maintained his composure, passing early leader Tim Coxall to take the lead. With three to go Jarrod Rick spun and ended the race on the field, setting up the final restart, where Mick Hamon, who was running third suddenly slowed and headed infield, Kempton grabbing the win from Coxall and Lycholit.

Heat eight was another all the way affair, with Paul Bowman leading from the front and taking a strong win over Gavin Minty and Marty Kelly.

In a massive start to heat nine Jace Kempton, coming from dead last, rounded up almost the entire field to get into second place by the back straight but the yellows came out as Cody Avins spun, negating the move and resetting the whole field. Avins was unable to rejoin the field which elevated Hayden Norman onto the front row which he took advantage of initially before falling back through the field and eventually retiring. Meanwhile Kempton was on the move again, battling with Barry Mason for the lead before grabbing it on lap five and simply racing away, grabbing his third win from three starts ahead of Barry Mason who held off Ethan Genev by 0.016 seconds.

Heat ten was one of the smaller heats with Damon Lyall and Jhye Kent unable to start, while Jeremy Ferris retired without completing a lap and Matt Herbert went infield with a flat tyre after just one. Gavin Minty would lead the field away after a restart with two complete for a spun car, fighting off the advances of Jack Barnewall who was coming from the back of the pack. After another restart that saw Stephen ODowd disqualified for causing two restarts, Barnewall grabbed the lead on lap seven, holding strong to claim his second heat win of the night ahead of Wade Mason who grabbed second from Minty on the line by just 0.060 seconds.

The penultimate heat of night one saw eleven starters, with a number of cars getting together at the start and ending with Paul Briggs and Wayne Thomson stuck together exiting turn two. All cars restarted for a second attempt at getting the race underway with Russell Gunn the early leader. Victorian visitor Corey Sandow stalked Gunn for a number of laps before racing through to grab the lead while Paul Bowman shortly after followed him through for second, the order remaining unchanged from here. Unfortunately for Sandow, he once again incurred the wrath of officials and was relegated for contact, handing Paul Bowman his second win for the night ahead of Gunn and Sandow in third.

The final heat of the night would also see a depleted field take the green flag, with just seven starters. Padmore got the lead early and pulled away while Mick Hamon, who was significantly baulked at the start, clawed his way back through the field, got onto Padmores tail and then made the pass to take the lead on lap six. Hamon claimed the win by over 3.5 seconds while Padmore held off Damon Thomson by 0.016 seconds for second.

Drivers will contest one more round of heats tomorrow before the main events, with racing starting from 6pm. Live Audio will once again be available via the SSA website while results will also be posted there as they happen, along with Race Monitor also being available.

Overall Points After Night One
1. W55 Jace Kempton 108
2. W16 Jack Barnewall 89
3. W26 David Padmore 84
4. W52 Paul Bowman 80
5. W72 Russell Gunn 77
6. W15 Wayne Thomson 75
7. W7 Mick Hamon 70
8. W6 Hayden Norman 69
9. W28 Tim Coxall 62
10. W3 Gavin Minty 61
11. W44 Peter Herbert 61
12. W199 Phil Lycholit 57
13. W4 Ethan Genev 56
14. W12 Paul Briggs 55
15. W88 Wade Mason 54
16. W81 Damien Amato 53
17. V22 Corey Sandow 52
18. W42 Matt Herbert 48
19. W77 Barry Mason 44
20. W10 Damon Thomson 43
21. W29 Jake Hoath 39
22. W21 Evan Wakefield 38
23. W85 Peter Dowie 38
24. W11 Rowan Drysdale 33
25. W9 Marty Kelly 30
26. W17 Bradley Minshull 29
27. W79 David Linthorne 27
28. W25 Peter Huntjens 26
29. W24 Brodie Dunn 24
30. W14 Clint Hadley 24
31. W31 Cody Avins 23
32. W37 Kane Munro 21
33. W66 Ben Norman 20
34. W35 Craig Clayton 17
35. W27 Damon Lyall 17
36. W57 Jeremy Ferris 17
37. W00 Hamish Macalpine 16
38. W49 Stephen ODowd 15
39. W19 Jamie Terkildsen 10
40. W47 Jarrod Rick 9
41. W74 Jhye Kent 9
42. W61 Shane Beaumont 8
43. W318 Freddy Kinsella 8
44. W32 Ben Ferris 4
45. W23 Steven Griffiths 2

Above: Jace Kempton, Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Herbert

Details courtesy of Scott Beattie