SSA National Super Sedan Title Scrutineering Times Released

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The scrutineering times for the 2019/2020 SSA National Super Sedan Title to be held at the Borderline Speedway in Mount Gambier South Australia from the 6th-8th March 2020 have today been released.

Scrutineering will take place at the venue from 9am-3pm on Friday 6th March 2020 prior to Official Practice and the Welcome Function.


W36 Phil Barton 9.00 am
W81 Gary Higgs 9.00 am
W4 Lee Aylett WA 9.00 am
W8 Chris Pavlovich WA 9.00 am
Q44 Trent Wilson 9.00 am
Q15 Gavin Northfield 9.00 am
Q4 Leigh Williams 9.00 am
Q39 Bob McCosker 9.00 am
Q63 Justin Smithwick 9.00 am
Q77 Sam Roza 9.00 am
Q7 Steve Jordan 9.00 am
Q12 David Musch 9.00 am
Q36 Darren Kane 9.00 am
A1 Matty Pascoe 9.00 am
N33 Mark Towers 9.00 am
N7 Wayne Dick 9.00 am
N11 Mark Sommers 11.00 am
N21 Darren Anning 11.00 am
T8 Steven Latham 11.00 am
N47 Daryl Moon 11.00 am
N57 Tyson Moon 11.00 am
N23 Andrew White 11.00 am
T22 Callum Harper 11.00 am
V11 Anthony Nicola 11.00 am
V14 Brent Coleman 11.00 am
V2 Peter Nicola 11.00 am
V23 Mick Nicola JNR 11.00 am
V3 Mick Nicola 11.00 am
S34 Kym Leyson 11.00 am
S93 Kym Jury 11.00 am
S47 Ryan Alexander 11.00 am
V56 Neil Witnish 11.00 am
S63 Kym Cottrell 1.00 pm
S99 Stephen Schwarz 1.00 pm
S87 Robby Marchant 1.00 pm
S12 Kym Hammerstein 1.00 pm
V24 David Mackenzie 1.00 pm
S22 Paul Blenkiron 1.00 pm
V16 Ashley Bergmeier 1.00 pm
V0 Lucas Roberts 1.00 pm
V71 Lionel West 1.00 pm
V34 Jamie Collins 1.00 pm
V22 Jason Picone 1.00 pm
V41 Ben Faulkhead 1.00 pm
V7 Trent Susol 1.00 pm
S8 David Gartner 1.00 pm
W9 Kemble Aylett 1.00 pm

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Image by Angryman Photography of defending National Super Sedan Champion Matt Pascoe