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Official Release

This season SSA Street Stocks become truly national, with the introduction of regular fixtures right across New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory.

SSNSW have already registered approx 20 SSA Street Stocks throughout New South Wales.

With early indications forecasting this number to grow rapidly as there is a number of many new cars currently being built or being converted to Speedway Sedans Australia specifications.

With regular racing for SSA Street Stocks at a number of tracks across the state, everyone is excited to see the heights that it can reach over the next couple of seasons.

The first meeting of the season will kick off on 31 October at ACT Speedway. It’s expected that at least 10 SSA Street Stocks will be on hand to contest the first meeting of the New South Wales season.

The second meeting of the season is scheduled to be the New South Wales Title at Gilgandra, that if border restrictions are eased a number of drivers from Queensland, Victoria and South Australia have all indicated their intention to be part of the 2020/21 New South Wales Title.

Here’s the entire scheduled season NSW Street Stocks: 31/10 – Canberra 21/11 – Gilgandra (NSW Title) 5/12 – Dubbo (SSN Round)16/1 – Narrarbri (SSN Round) 30/1 – Gilgandra (SSN Round) 13/2 – Moama (SSN Round) 20/2 – Dubbo 27/2 – Gilgandra 6/3 – Canberra (SSN Round) 8/5 – Dubbo 13/6 – Dubbo

If you’re interested in getting involved in Street Stock racing in New South Wales or your track/club would like to host this exciting and extremely popular division, please contact Ben Cartwright directly on

This is an exciting times for Street Stock racing across Australia, but particularly for New South Wales.

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