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Australia’s biggest Speedway class by numbers, SSA Street Stocks are already experiencing growth in New South Wales with a big show scheduled for Saturday Night at the Gilgandra Speedway.

With the SSA Street Stocks NSW State Title rescheduled for February with the hope that state borders will be relaxed by then, the Gilgandra Speedway are pushing on with the Cooee Cup.

A sprinkling of drivers from Queensland are heading to be apart of the show as the class continues to make its presence its felt in the region.

COVID-19 restrictions apply for the race meeting with more information available at the Gilgandra Speedway Facebook Page.

Nominations (17)

3 Colin Peadon

4 Belinda Robertson

13 Kiona Sunerton

19 Chris Campbell

28 John Lodge

33 Bruce Johnson

38 Ben Cartwright

39 Gordon Midolo (QLD)

42 Simon Hood

58 Lesley Garnham

74 Dave McGarva

81 Chris Marino

83 Matt Cobb

89 Darren Henderson

94 Samantha Killick (QLD)

99 Peter Thompson (QLD)

199 Callum Auld (QLD)