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Image by Peter Roebuck

Beau Oldfield and Zach Munro both went through the day’s proceedings at the Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway on Saturday afternoon undefeated during round three of the 2020/2021 JSRA Super Series.

Oldfield who was the track champion at Ellenbrook in 2020 across all classes was challenged throughout the day by Kayne Dellar, Elysha Cooper and Riley Hanson.

Zach Munro enjoyed a similar day in the New Stars as Oldfield with the Junior Sedans putting on some great racing throughout the afternoon for the big crowd that was in attendance for the Maddington Toyota Summer Slam.

The fourth round of the 2020/2021 JSRA Super Series will be held at the Moora Speedway on Saturday 6th February 2021.

Official Results

SSA Top Stars Feature Race, 12 Laps- 1. W84 Beau Oldfield, 2. W13 Elysha Cooper, 3. W95 Kayne Dellar, 4. W87 Riley Hanson, 5. W89 Hunter Downs, 6. W121 Taj Vanzetti. DNF: W71 Olivia Earle (1), W75 Tylah Steele (0). DNS: W66 Possum Lawrence. Total Time: 3.57.273. Winning Margin: 7.272. Fastest Lap: 23.512 W84 Beau Oldfield.

SSA New Star Junior Sedans Feature Race, 12 Laps- 1. W138 Zach Munro, 2. W73 Jayden Haddon, 3. W211 Jimahli Nunn Mohammed Dom, 4. W51 Kiastyn Oldfield, 5. W21 Jayden Heelan, 6. W44 Shataya Herbert, 7. W144 Luke Martin, 8. W03 Branden Purcell, 9. W74 Locky Comley, 10. W48 Ryan Mellor (9), 11. W173 Kaden Harrison (9), 12. W3 Joshua Wardley (9), 13. W9 Levi Whittington (8). DNS: W11 Brock Lake, W31 Jesse James Samuels, W82 Steven Peaker. Total Time: 4.12.758. Winning Margin: 3.787. Fastest Lap: 24.723 Zach Munro.