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South Australia Wrap by Kye Richardson, Images by Local Sprintcar Photography

The Speedway Sedans Australia Street Stocks were the only sedan category on show in the state of South Australia over the last week, seeing an invited field at Murray Machining and Sheds Speedway, Murray Bridge on Australia day (JAN 26) and a similar sized field racing their way around the Whyalla Speedway last Saturday night (JAN 30).

With Sprintcars and Wingless Sprints set for a big night on Australia day, street stocks were invited to be part of the action, a healthy 12 car field was welcomed. Drivers from around the region and near by included Nigel Reichstein, Jake Hamilton, Darren Brumfield, Carey Weston, Nathan and Heath Thorne, Brent Reddan, Dylan Wilkinson, Daniel Karpinski and Craig, Anthony and Ryan Buchanan.

Heat one saw Brumfield and Weston off the front row, Heath Thorne and Reichstein behind, proving the pace in the field. The 10 lap journey got underway and saw Carey Weston leading well, until getting caught up in traffic in the latter stages.

Nathan Thorne who originally started eighth in the field stole the win in front of Carey Weston and Darren Brumfield third.Heat two was set to be another busy 10 lap journey, as all 12 cars were in the heat race field once again. Anthony Buchanan this time off of the front row with Nathan Thorne.

With battles all throughout the field the race went surprisingly without a caution. Two heavy hitters in Darren Brumfield and Nigel Reichstein however, pulled infield separately mid-race with issues that put both out for the night. Nathan Thorne went on to have his fifth heat win at Murray Bridge for the season, the fourth in a row in the Mitsubishi Magna.

Second was the hard charging EL Falcon being driven by Heath Thorne, third place went to Anthony Buchanan who was showing that his spare car, the VS Commodore, definitely still had it.The Feature saw 20 laps granted after originally being scheduled as a 12 lap event. Heath Thorne and Carey Weston off the front row.

Nathan Thorne starting out of third after being penalised for an earlier window net issue. Anthony Buchanan, Craig Buchanan and Daniel Karpinski behind them. With the top four all getting a good start, Carey “The Pensioner” Weston found himself battling young Heath Thorne for the lead.

Weston would lead the early stages until getting caught in traffic mid race, which saw him drop back to around fifth position. The “Thorne Bro’s” were now at the pointy end, with Heath leading until damage from an earlier incident saw his left rear tyre say “No More!” as it lost all of its wind. Nathan Thorne now found the lead in his hands once again until he too was struck by bad luck! Coming into the front straight away to greet the white flag a sneaky flame was seen underneath the right front corner of the Mitsubishi sending him to the infield.

Craig Buchanan would then take the lead and complete the final lap as race leader and go on to win the feature, hardly knowing that Thorne had dropped out. Carey Weston found himself finishing in second, Daniel Karpinski crossed the line in third.

The Australia day week wrapped up on Saturday night (JAN 30) at Whyalla Speedway, the final round of the Speedway Australia Sprintcar Super Series/SA 410 title saw 11 street stock racers and crew make the venture to be in the show.

The Whyalla racers presented well by Wayne Fosteris, Grant Harris, Adrian Jones, Bryan Brown and Jarrod Hamilton. Murray Bridge racers included Ryan Buchanan and Jake Hamilton. Tony Prideaux, Dylan Wilkinson, Daniel Karpinski and Bailey Heinrich were also ready for racing.

Event one, saw street stocks heat one, a greasy affair as expected early in a racing night saw many have trouble on entry to turn three especially, with understeer being the recurring issue. Bailey Heinrich and Adrian Jones however, got on top of that issue as soon as they could, ending up finishing first and second.

Bryan Brown had a good start to his night finishing third. Heat two saw a classic VE Commodore versus FG Falcon battle up front between Tony Prideaux and Adrian Jones. Tony Prideaux got the upper hand and the heat win, Prideaux getting double the joy as it was the first heat he had finished with both door panels still on this season.

Adrian Jones finished second in the immaculate looking #36 in front of Daniel Karpinski who has found form over the last three meetings. Heat three saw a tidy 6 car field including Harris, Brown, Heinrich, Fosteris, Karpinski and Jarrod Hamilton.

A continually fastening racetrack saw only two cars not have a spin during the heat race, these two being Whyalla locals Grant Harris and Bryan Brown. Grant Harris proved that he hadn’t lost his skill, taking the heat win in the fresh looking #6. Bryan Brown finished second, Bailey Heinrich worked his way back up to third position.

The feature event was the second final for the night. 15 laps the journey to begin with. Heinrich and Jones off the front row, Prideaux, Brown, Harris and Karpinski behind them in the order. Going clockwise for the final the field rushed into pits corner which was now turn one and two, however, things went south quickly! The first run down the back straight saw Adrian Jones tag the concrete wall, as he came back down the track Jarrod Hamilton tried to get past but contact was made, sending the #36 spinning down the back straight, Bryan Brown narrowly avoiding heavier contact with the spinning car.

A complete restart was formed, Bailey Heinrich lead the opening laps in front of Bryan Brown and Tony Prideaux, Grant Harris was running fourth but spun and soon after pulled infield. Bailey Heinrich continued to lead up until a pair of mid race cautions.

Prideaux, Brown and Fosteris found themselves closer the the #86 machine on the next two restarts, the final restart seeing two thirds of the 15 lap journey completed. The field got back underway, Heinrich putting a small gap on Bryan Brown in second.

Two more laps were completed until the battle for fourth heated up, Jones (4th) and Fosteris (3rd) made contact in turn two, this saw Fosteris have a moment towards the concrete wall, Adrian Jones however had a front end failure, seeing the whole left front wheel with hub and strut upright still attached, come off and roll into the turn three catch fence. This final caution would see the race declared.

Bailey Heinrich added to his earlier heat one win with the feature win. Results from the final completed lap saw Bryan Brown second, Tony Prideaux third and Wayne Fosteris fourth.

Speedway Sedans are next on show in South Australia at Waikerie’s Sunline Speedway which roars into action on Saturday February 13th. Super Sedans have their state title, Modified Sedans, Junior Sedans and Street Stocks are also on show.

Bailey Heinrich