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Image by Angryman Photography

Brad McKendrick secured the biggest payday of his racing career last night at the Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway located just outside of Launceston in Tasmania.

With an entry list in excess of fifty cars to contend with, McKendrick lead thirty of the forty laps in the main event for the Killa Earthworx Stockie Showdown to earn a payout of over four thousand dollars.

McKendrick defeated Brett Waddington Memorial winner Troy Russell by 0.52 with former Tasmanian champion Corey Bauld officially third.

A fierce battle at the front of the field raged between the top five as Tasmanian champion Nathan Russell retired within sight of the finish with a fuel issue while running in the top five.

A significant amount of prize money was raised for the inaugural running of the event with plans already underway for the 2022 Killa Earthworx Stockie Showdown with interest already high amongst mainland competitors.

Official Result of the 2021 Killa Earthworx Stockie Showdown

A Main, 40 Laps- 1. T83 Brad McKendrick, 2. T5 Troy Russell, 3.T77 Corey Bauld, 4. T10 Matt Hammond, 5. T16 Nicholas Taylor, 6. T65 Trent Austen, 7. T7 John Riley, 8. T4 Steven Harvey, 9. T35 Matthew Atkinson, 10. T8 Jade Waddington, 11. T80 Nigel Apted, 12. T3 Brad Farrell, 13. T19 David O’Rourke, DNF T23 Nathan Russell (38), T14 Ty Auton (35), T24 Ben Riley (25), T67 Steven Parson (21), T11 Matt Crawford (20), T28 Dale Riley Jnr (14), T110 Terry Hammond (14), T164 Mitch Allison (10), T92 Steve Russell (2), T29 Caleb Auton (2)