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Press Release By Kye Richardson.

A field of 12 cars were on show at Murray Machining and Sheds Speedway, Murray Bridge on Saturday night (FEB 20). The 12 SSA Street Stocks supported the South Australian Wingless Sprint title.

The reliable, two heats per driver, plus feature format, was used for the class.

Heat one was event one after wingless sprints track packing and hotlaps. Tony Prideaux and Sam Brumfield lined the front row, Heath Thorne, Jemma Chapman, Carey Weston, Bailey Heinrich, Nigel Reichstein and Daniel Karpinksi were also part of the 10 lap journey.

Many spins were had during the heat but Sam Brumfield started the night off well, winning ahead of Carey Weston and Nigel Reichstein.

Heat two saw a Buchanan front row, Craig in the XF Falcon and Moss in the VS Commodore.

A few of the earlier heat race contenders filled the mid-pack, whilst Paige Goldsack-Gwynne and Ryan Buchanan hit the track for their first time on the night, starting together on the back row. Craig Buchanan went on to be almost half a second quicker in terms of “best lap” times for the heat ahead of Tony Prideaux (17.694 compared to a 18.039), Buchanan and Prideaux going on to finish first and second ahead of Moss Buchanan in third.

Heat Three was a faster affair, Carey Weston setting the fastest lap time of the night, a 17.279 second lap. Bailey Heinrich however, started off of third position and took the lead straight away. He would go on to win the heat, completing the 10 laps in 2.57.932.

The early pass in turn one though, saw officials put the #86 back to third, thus making Carey Weston the winner ahead of Nigel Reichstein.

The feature saw Carey Weston and Craig Buchanan off of the front row. The 20 lap final was well driven overall, Jemma Chapman and Daniel Karpinski the only two to unfortunately retire early with separate issues.

Carey Weston went on to win the event in front of a smaller, but joyous crowd. Bailey Heinrich was second after starting from seventh, Sam Brumfield recovered from a DNF in his second heat to finish third, Heath Thorne and Craig Buchanan held onto fourth and fifth.

SSA Street Stocks are on show as support for Wingless Sprints again this coming Saturday night at Murray Machining and Sheds Speedway.

Official Result

Twenty Laps- 1. S17 Carey Weston, 2. S86 Bailey Heinrich, 3. S5 Sam Brumfield, 4. S44 Heaht Thorne, 5. S10 Craig Buchanan, 6. S22 Tony Prideaux, 7. S14 Nigel Reichstein, 8. S0 Moss Buchanan, 9. S27 Paige Goldsack-Gwynne (19), 10. S11 Ryan Buchanan (19), DNF S54 Daniel Karpinski (3), S57 Jemma Chapman (2)