Nelson Breaks Through At Waikerie

Victorian Matt Nelson has won his first State Title, when he won the South Australian Street Stock Title on Saturday night at Waikerie.

Nelson would lead only two of the twenty five laps, in a race of ever changing fortunes.

Mark Gartner and Jayden Edwards would start on the front row, with Carey Weston and National Champion Rhys Heinrich starting on the second row, with Jayden Edwards taking the early lead.  It would be mixed fortunes though for Edwards, who twice finished on the podium as a Junior Sedan driver, as he retired after leading the first five laps.

Mark Garnter assumed control of the race, and would soon be joined by Anthony Beare, who quickly moved from the fourth row of the grid to second place.  Beare who was looking to win his fifth successive title, wasn't able to pass Gartner, but suffered a deflating tyre with ten laps remaining. 

This would elevate Nelson to second place, with Heinrich third.

Gartner would lose the lead with two laps remaining, as Nelson drove away in the final stages, while Heinrich would also pass Gartner.

For Nelson, it would be the biggest win of his career, for Rhys Heinrich it would be the third time in four years he would finish second, while for Gartner, it was the third time he has finished third since 2005.


A Main - 25 Laps: 1. V61 Matt Nelson, 2. A1 Rhys Heinrich, 3. S25 Mark Gartner, 4. S97 Jamie Stewart, 5. S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr, 6. S46 Anthony Beare (24 laps), 7. S59 Haydon Jolly (24), 8. S36 Adrian Jones (24), 9. S58 Neville Nitschke (17), 10. S29 Jason Gibbs (15), 11. S17 Carey Weston (15), 12. V79 Carey Weston (15), 13. S66 Darren Flatman (13), 14. S8 Paul Hayes (10), 15. S87 Jayden Edwards (6), 16. S27 Cade Cox (3), 17. S14 Nigel Reichstein (2), 18. S22 Tony Prideaux (2), 19. S63 Steven Heinrich (1). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.134, Fastest Lap: 19.002 S25 Mark Gartner