Norman's Perfect Day

Hayden Norman has today had the perfect day at Ellenbrook Speedway, claiming the Street Stock Stampede event with four wins from four starts.

Courtesy of his strong heat results where he claimed three wins, Norman would start off the front row for the fifteen lap feature along with Ryan Penfold after second high points man Peter Huntjens was unable to start the feature.

The feature race got off to a rough start, with Damion Huntjens having a few issues immediately and somehow being avoided by the entire field. A lap would be complete before the first yellow light when Shane Wray spun in turn four, a number of cars including Jamie Oldfield and Josh Martinelli very lucky to avoid him.

Green again would only be short lived as Barry Roberts spun in turn four, then another yellow would follow with three complete after Carl Pickersgill spun on the back straight and was hit hard by Ben Norman.

The next attempt was much more successful, with the race running for the next seven laps, which allowed Jamie Oldfield to work his way into second behind Hayden Norman. Oldfield had earlier not finished his first heat and not started the next two to start the feature race from the rear and then to slowly work his way through the pack. As the lead duo came around to lap the first car, Barry Roberts, he went into the turn four wall, the leaders lucky to avoid him.

With five laps remaining Norman would finally be aware that Oldfield had made his way through the field, but he held strong, racing away in the next five laps to grab a strong win and record a perfect day.

Oldfield was good enough to hold on for second while behind them it was Marty Kelly who continued his consistent day with a third place finish.

The next event at Ellenbrook Speedway will be held on the 25th of June for the Winter Classic. 

Street Stock Feature Result - 15 laps: 1. W6 Hayden Norman, 2. W85 Jamie Oldfield, 3. W9 Marty Kelly, 4. W12 Ryan Penfold, 5. W57 Rodney Passamani, 6. W2 Damion Huntjens, 7. W71 Phil Lycholit, 8. W27 Michael McCague, 9. W28 James Westerman. DNF: W84 Brooke Oldfield (13), W7 Josh Martinelli (13), W8 Barry Roberts (9), W66 Ben Norman (3), W75 Carl Pickersgill (3), W45 Shane Wray (1), W318 Freddy Kinsella (1), W21 Anthony Heelan (1). DNS: W25 Peter Huntjens, W31 Matthew Jones, W228 Grant Hinkley.