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Street Stocks

Formed in 1986, with the first National title in 1990, Street Stock is one of Speedway Sedans Australia's most popular and competitive categories.

Racing in this category occurs currently in Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Victoria.

A Street Stock class car is built from a hard-top road car, seating a maximum of four persons, as per the compliance plate, and catalogued for authorised Dealer sales and service networks throughout Australia.

The Base Model body is used for silhouette and measurements. Forced induction models not permitted in that form.

Four wheel drive and or four wheel steer models are not permitted.

Passengers in this category are optional, but all bar work to be mirrored from right hand side, and the passenger must face forward.

Unlike all other Speedway Sedans Australia categories, Street Stock must be able to race in both directions, determined by the toss of a coin prior to each race, heads anticlockwise (traditional way of racing) or tails clockwise.  The toss of the coin will occur just before the cars enter the track, to ensure no modifications can be made prior to the race.

The most common cars in this category are VL, VN and VR Commodores, with VS & VY Commodores also now making their way into the category.  From a Ford perspective XD Falcons are still raced, with newer models including EA, EB, EL, AU & BA Falcons proving popular.  National Titles attract upwards of 90 drivers every season in mainland states.

Cortina's, Sigma's and Chryslers used to be popular but are now a very rare commodity in this highly popular category.

*Refer to Technical Specifications & Bulletins for full Specification Manual

Latest Updates 16 August 2013 - See Technical Specifications

*Roll Cage Fitment