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Its All Gold For Alexander

Ryan Alexander has won a thrilling Super Sedan Goldrush at Rushworth Speedway on Sunday night, defeating Matt Pascoe and Brad Wicks.

Alexander took the lead with two laps remaining, with nothing separating Alexander and Pascoe throughout the forty lap journey.
Brad Wicks was third throughout, and always within striking distance of the leaders, with Wicks challenging Pascoe on the final lap, falling short by 0.229.

Mick Nicola would finish fourth, while the remaining drivers to complete all forty laps, were almost a lap behind, with Neil Witnish finishing fifth and Ash Bergmeier sixth.

The result is the third Feature win of the season for Alexander, coming on the back of the Preliminary A Main victory on Saturday night, which is also a good reward for effort after a consistent season, having seen the South Australian fall short of victory on several occasions.

A Main, 40 Laps: 1. S47 Ryan Alexander, 2. Q15 Matt Pascoe, 3. V17 Brad Wicks, 4. V3 Mick Nicola, 5. V56 Neil Witnish, 6. V16 Ash Bergmeier, 7. S5 Trevor Ware, 8. V81 Jamie Collins, 9. V24 David Mackenzie (39 laps), 10. V41 Ben Faulkhead (39), 11. V25 Adam Box (39), 12. V27 Anthony Nicola (39), 13. Q44 Trent Wilson (23). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.681, Fastest Lap: 19.895 V16 Ash Bergmeier

Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography

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