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Heath Thorne Claims SA Junior Sedan Title

Heath Thorne has gone one better than last season by winning the South Australian Junior Sedan Title at the Tolmer Speedway, Bordertown on Saturday night.

Thorne would lead all twenty five laps, with Courtney Meakins starting on the front row, but unfortunately Meakins was out of the race on the opening lap.

Victorian Ricky Cornwall moved to second followed by Brad Gartner, who moved to second on lap five, and then set out after Thorne.

Nathan Thorne, who started out of position seven, moved into second place on lap ten, after quickly passing Gartner and Cornwall. The race would then take a turn for the worse for Ricky Cornwall who had a spectacular crash. Cornwall was ok, but unfortunately the Victorian would watch the remaining laps from the infield.

Placings would remain unchanged upon the resumption, with Heath Thorne opening a handy lead over Nathan Thorne, with the same margin back to Brad Gartner, as the chequered flag was displayed. Ryan Harris from NSW, Drew Flatman and Jye Irving would round out the top six.

A Main, 25 laps: 1. S0 Heath Thorne, 2. S78 Nathan Thorne, 3. S19 Brad Gartner, 4. N8 Ryan Harris, 5. S112 Drew Flatman, 6. V46 Jye Irving, 7. S52 Aaron Tranter (24), 8. M111 Kasey Ferguson (24), 9. P22 Brock Pengilly (24), 10. S21 Paige Goldsack-Gwynne (24), 11. S54 Ryan Harry (23), 12. V85 Rhys Meakins (23), 13. V57 Zoe Young (21), 14. DS6 Jade Moule (22). DNF: 15. AX15 Ricky Cornwall (11), 16. V82 Kasey Garlick (11), 17. N11 Jack Ramsdale (11), 18. AX18 Mitch Glynn (11), 19. S8 Mac Caldecott (10), 20. V84 Courtney Meakins (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.052. Fastest Lp: 16.594 S0 Heath Thorne.

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