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Levistons Great Run Continues

Wayne Leviston today continued his great run that culminated earlier this season with becoming WA#3 in Production Sedans, this time claiming the feature win on day one of the two day Ellenbrook Speedway Anniversary meeting.

All ten cars that started the day would start the feature, with the front row for the fifteen lap journey being shared by Rick Musarra courtesy of his three heat wins from three starts and Leon Wood.

As the race went green Musarra jumped out to the immediate lead with Wayne Leviston jumping into second, but from here it all came undone as all of a sudden Musarras car went up in a massive plume of white smoke, seeing him slow and despite leading the opening lap, he headed infield.

The ensuing restart saw Leviston lead away, while second placed Leon Wood was under siege from Daniel Flavel and Travis Castagna, both drivers looking to put their rough runs in the heat races behind them.

Wood pulled away slightly as Castagna and Flavel began to battle it out, Castagna getting underneath Flavel in turn four on lap seven, then Flavel spinning into the windrow in turn two, setting up a restart with eight laps remaining.

Leviston would lead away once again while Castagna again began to pile the pressure on Wood looking for a way through. As the laps wound down Wood began to close on Leviston, moving underneath him in turn two with five remaining, but not able to make the move stick.

As Levistons car began to show signs of distress Wood and Castagna were dicing behind him, desperate for a way through. As the leading trio closed on a lapped car Leviston was forced to hit the brakes, with Wood going wide and Castagna then racing underneath Wood for second, Leviston still just ahead.

The final lap saw the duo side by side, but in the end it was Leviston who held on for a hard fought win ahead of Castagna and Wood.
Racing will be underway once again tomorrow at Ellenbrook Speedway from 11am.

Production Sedans Feature Result, 15 laps: 1. W86 Wayne Leviston, 2. W2 Travis Castagna, 3. W53 Leon Wood, 4. W115 Jayke Malcolm, 5. W114 Daniel Flavel, 6. W25 Ted Street, 7. W43 George Lanoue, 8. W42 Bev Brewer (14). DNF: W13 Shannon Marsden (13), W21 Rick Musarra (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.224. Fastest Lap: 23.082 W2 Travis Castagna.

Details courtesy of Scott Beattie

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