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McAuley Wins In Karratha

Jack McAuley has tonight made a guest appearance in Street Stocks worth it as he raced his way to a strong win aboard the ODH Mechanical #96 in the fifteen lap feature event at Nickol Bay Speedway in Karratha.

Marty Coutts got the lead on the initial start from the pole, with fellow front row starter Steve Griffiths working the highline, but it was all for naught as the Chief Steward called back the start, making them do it all over again.

The second attempt was much better, with Coutts again getting the early lead while Matt Herbert stuck his nose underneath to move into second and then grab the lead on the opening lap.

Unfortunately the lights came on shortly after the lap was complete, with Mike Meason and Samantha Dodd coming together, the duo hitting the turn one wall to bring out the yellow lights. Luckily, both were able to restart.

On the restart Herbert pulled away from the rest as Coutts battled with Colm ORiordan who had moved into third place. The duo then made contact, both spinning infield on turn two to bring out the yellow lights with just three laps complete. ORiordan was sent rear, the back markers struggling to stay in formation as the lights went green again, but up front it was all Herbert, pulling away once again.

With ten laps to go Herbert began to blow smoke from the rear of his machine and as the race wound down, the thicker the smoke would become.

Production Sedan competitor Jack McAuley, guest driving the Steve ODowd machine for the night, had moved into second by this point and began stalking Herbert, eventually grabbing the lead with six laps remaining.

As McAuley pulled away Griffiths began to pile the pressure on Herbert for second, but the yellows came out with five remaining as a whole pile of cars came together in turn one, Shane Snell sent to the rear for his part in the incident.

McAuley led away again, with Griffiths using the highline as he looked for a way past Herbert, eventually working his way past with two laps remaining.

Herbert fought back though, reclaiming the position as the white flag flew, McAuley going on to claim the win from Herbert and Griffiths in a close finish.

Street Stock Feature, 15 laps: 1. W96 Jack McAuley, 2. W42 Matt Herbert, 3. W23 Steve Griffiths, 4. W82 Colm ORiordan, 5. W21 Mike Meason, 6. W41 Leanne Couper, 7. W65 Samantha Dodd. DNF: W27 Shane Snell (13), W44 Marty Coutts (10). DNS: W7 Clint Marks, W45 Brian Herbert. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 4.176. Fastest Lap: 20.205 W42 Matt Herbert.

Details courtesy of Scott Beattie

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