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SSA National Modified Sedan Title Scrutineering Times Released

The Scrutineering times for the Water North 2019/2020 SSA National Modified Sedan Title to be held at Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway in Tasmania have been released.

Scrutineering will take place from 9am to 2pm in the pit area of the venue with official practice to follow afterwards which will run from 3pm until 5pm.

The Welcoming Function is at the Harley Ironhorse Bar &
Grill, 468 Westbury Rd, Prospect (10 mins from track) commencing at 7pm.

Please ensure that you have your current Log Book, Daylighting Sheet, Engine Sealing Form and Speedway Australia Licence available.

If your car is Dual Registered both log books need to be presented at scrutineering.

Water North 2019/2020 SSA National Modified Sedan Title Scrutineering Times

W74 Allan Mortimer WA 9.00 am
Q23 Josh Crang QLD 9.00 am at
Q5X Brodie Boss QLD 9.00 am
Q3 Allan Nash QLD 9.00 am
Q28 Aidan Raymont QLD 9.00 am
Q15 Tim Atkin QLD 9.00 am
NSW36 David Jacobi QLD 9.00 am
T24 Jason Price QLD 9.00 am
NSW11 Greg Worling QLD 9.00 am
Q59 Darran Lester QLD 9.00 am
V48 Brett Barron QLD 9.00 am
V54 Mick Shelford QLD 9.00 am
Q32 Nathan Macdonald QLD 9.00 am
Q4 Shane Macdonald QLD 9.00 am
Q5 Corey Stein QLD 9.00 am
NSW77 Dave Clapson NSW 9.00 am
ACT75 Shane Murphy NSW 9.00 am
ACT3 Greg Stevenson ACT 9.00 am
V18 Jake Drewett VIC 9.00 am
V19 David Smith VIC 9.00 am
V33X Taleah Dolic VIC 11.00 am
V72 Martin Hawson VIC 11.00 am
V16 Cameron Waters VIC 11.00 am
V88 Ty Galley VIC 11.00 am
V4 Brock Atkins VIC 11.00 am
V36 Todd Atkins VIC 11.00 am
V33 Daniel Simpson VIC 11.00 am
V45 Peter Walters VIC 11.00 am
V46 Kye Walters VIC 11.00 am
V14 Matt Gerlach VIC 11.00 am
V7 Justin Drew VIC 11.00 am
V32 Brody Chrystie VIC 11.00 am
V61 Matt Nelson VIC 11.00 pm
V11 Nick Cockerill VIC 11.00 pm
T22 Luke Gunn TAS 11.00 pm
T127 Sam Gunn TAS 11.00 pm
T5 Bradley Herbert TAS 11.00 pm
T7 Jakobe Jetson TAS 1.00 pm
T36 Timmy McCulloch TAS 1.00 pm
T2 Marco Taurian TAS 1.00 pm
T44 John Moles TAS 1.00 pm
T17 Craig Williams TAS 1.00 pm
T27 Josh Marston TAS 1.00 pm
T37 Luke Williams TAS 1.00 pm
T46 Trent Quillerat TAS 1.00 pm
T4 Barry Youl TAS 1.00 pm
T21 Joshua Stephens TAS 1.00 pm
T26 Andy Russell TAS 1.00 pm
T31 Keith Blair TAS 1.00 pm
T8 Wade Cleary TAS 1.00 pm

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