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A Big Payday Coming at Tonight's East Coast Grand National

The 2020 East Coast Grand National for SSA Production Sedans is all go for tonight at the Lismore Speedway in Northern New South Wales.

A $2500 payday awaits the winner of tonight's A Main with over forty competitors set to do battle for one of the biggest events on the East Coast for the class.

SSA Production Sedans are booming in Northern New South Wales currently with the division presenting some great fields this season.

The Payout for tonight's event is as follows: 1st $2500, 2nd $1500, 3rd $1000, 4th $500, 5th $400, 6th - 10th $200, 11th - 20th $150

Racing gets underway from 5.30pm.

Nominations (42)

A1 Joel Berkley
G2 Chris Pagel
L2 Madison Markin
L6 Jesse Martin
G8 Josh Crang
CR9 Ash McKeller
L11 Tim Hardes
SB11 Josh Harm
BB16 Deon Cook
G16 Aaron Sander
G17 Neil Keldoulis
L18 Jordan Biviano
SC23 Adrian Stott
L25 Lindsay Clapham
L26 Brendan Clapham
SC30 Leonie Knight
ACT32 Craig McAlister
CR41 Kyle Rolands
SB41 Darrell White
SC46 Michael Mason
G47 Dale Corbett
G48 Chris Corbett
L53 Ash Graham
L54 Jack Graham
C58 David Clarkson
W58 Brendan Harper
L59 Aaron Hall
SC61 Brendan Cowley
L62 Myles White
M63 Brayden Pacey
L65 Stuart Fawcett
L68 Luke Dale
L71 Mark Quirk
L72 Nick Chillicott
L81 Matthew Layton
L83 Chris Besseling
CR85 Josh Arthur
L87 Andrew Gordon
L88 Nathan Gordon
L96 Ryan Green
V98 Raymond Ussher
C99 Jack Kay

Photo by Tony Powell

Australian Racing Rules & Regulations 2019

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