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Image by Rock Solid Productions, Press Release by Speedway Sedans Victoria

Thirty Seven Cars started night one of the 2020/2021 SSA Street Stock Victorian State Title at the Alexandra Speedway and were ready to fight it out for the VIC1 plate.

Dale Morrison started on pole of the first heat along side Leigh Gooding. Dale Morrison managed to have a good start and hold the lead to win by over 7 seconds. Second place went to Adrian Lawrence and third Matt Nelson. Leigh Gooding was holding on to second until a plug lead came off.

The second heat of the night had some great battles. Steven Watts took the win from Shane Roycroft, Chris Marino and Mick Dann. Once Watts got the lead he checked out, whilst second, third and fourth were split by half a second.

Heat 3 had multiple lead changes during the race. Jason Duell pulled infield due to bad vibration which ended up being a tyre. Stuey Robinson retired infield due to power steering pump failure which resulted in wall contact. Ricky Cornwall took a 5 second win from Dylan Campton and Jayden Edwards who crossed the line together to finish the podium.

The final heat of the round had some early withdrawals in the few hot laps with Adam Barkby blowing smoke from the get go, which was discovered to be gearbox issues and Dylan Wilkinson’s car not wanting to play ball.

Defending Vic 1 Anthony Beare got his first win of the night from Morris Ahearn and Jacob Mills.Ben Cartwright made the huge drive down from Kingaroy after being there and unfortunately pulled out after the first round due to blowing an engine.

However Shane Roycroft offered to try and rebuild one over night, so we will see if they get it done and hope to see him out there tomorrow night.

The first heat of round 2 had a yellow which turned red early on with cars getting a bit loose, causing others to take evasive action and Dylan Campton to be the unfortunate one to collect Pete Newlan on the way through.

A complete restart was had and saw Adrian Lawrence hold off Matt Nelson for the win and Bradley Hill in third. Steven Watts and Kevin Brogmus also retired infield during the race.

Heat 6 Stuey Robinson pulled out the gate and ended up on the infield with more steering issues which the crew had worked hard to try and fix. Anthony Beare started out of P7 and worked his way up for the win from Jason Degoldi and Jayden Edwards.

The penultimate heat of the night had the yellows on early when Scott Secombe and Kayla Knox came together, bringing a complete restart. Wade Fell was infield not long after with a flat rear. Ricky Cornwall held off a fast Morris Ahearn by half a second with Albert Fell in third.

The final heat of the night put on a show, with many battles and the lead pack fighting for the top spot. Steven Hardie was infield with a flat tyre and Chris Marino who was leading most of the way, ended up at the back of the field with clutch issues. Jacob Mills took home the final heat win from Tyler Barton and Shane Roycroft.

With all the heats done it took us to the preliminary odds and evens feature, which was a first for the Street Stocks at the title.

Drivers were split into to finals depending on where they qualified eg odds p1,3,5 etc then evens. Points counted towards the drivers total for the weekend. In the odds final, Anthony Beare showed us why he is the current Vic 1, winning by over 8 seconds from Morris Ahearn and Jason Duell who started from P11 and made his way to P3.

Evens final was another great race to watch with all drivers giving it their all. Jacob Mills held off a fast charging Jason Degoldi for the win with Shane Roycroft in third. Tomorrow sees the drivers compete in another 2 qualifying heats before a B main and the big A Main feature. Re checks from 12pm and racing starting from 5pm at this stage.

The Official Point Score after night one of the 2020/2021 SSA Street Stock Victorian State Title

1. Anthony Beare 108

2. Jacob Mills 95

3. Ricky Cornwall 89

4. Morris Ahearn 84

5. Shane Roycroft 74

6. Adrian Lawrence 74

7. Jason Degoldi 73

8. Matt Nelson 68

9. Jayden Edwards 59

10. Dale Morrison 55

11. Tyler Barton 53

12. Steven Watts 52

13. Mick Dann 47

14. Dylan Campton 46

15. Jason Duell 45

16. Chris Marino 39

17. David Barrie 36

18. Greg Parks 35

19. Bradley Hill 33

20. Scott Secombe 27

21. Leigh Gooding 27

22. Albert Fell 26

23. Felicity Roycroft 24

24. Kayla Knox 22

25. Anthony Sgroi 21

26. Kevin Brogmus 20

27. Wade Fell 18

28. Peter Newlan 18

29. Darren Henderson 17

30. Adam Barkby 14

31. Steven Hardie 14

32. Stephen Petrie 14

33. Matt Glab 13

34. Stephen Brook 10

35. Ben Cartwright 8

36. Stuey Robinson 6

37. Dylan Wilkinson 0