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Press Release by Kye Richardson


The up and coming racers joined the program, being split into the two groups of “New-stars” and “Top-stars” for the first round of the Robert Gwynne Memorial. New-stars were first up and it was young Riley Grieg who would win the Toyota Corolla 1-2 with Matthew Richter second. Lucas Warnett was third.

The Top-stars first heat saw Chelsea Gwynne win well, Callum Crossing would finish second ahead of Lachlan Brown, the #9 Hyundai doing double duties with Emma Brown driving it in the New-stars group.

Heat two of the New-stars saw Matthew Richter, Riley Grieg, Lucas Warnett, Emma Brown and Neela Fear-Wright back out on track. Richter, Grieg and Warnett putting on a marvellous battle up front throughout the heat, Matthew Richter would win the heat ahead of Warnett and Grieg.

The second and final heat of the Top-stars saw a solid drive from Ky McEwin to win ahead of Chealsea Gwynne and Lachlan Brown.

The Junior Sedan final saw twelve cars on track, Gwynne, McEwin, Brown and Crossing off of the front rows. Unfortunately Chelsea Gwynne would have car issues and retire, whilst another heavy hitter in Callum Crossing had the right front tie-rod end drop out on the exit of turn two mid-race, seeing the #61 come into heavy contact with the concrete.

The eventual winner would be Ky McEwin after a late battle with Lachlan Brown. Caitlyn Gilding, Diesel Fallon and Lucas Warnett would round out the top 5.


Eight juiced up commodores and falcons found their way to Sunline Speedway for another run of fun on Saturday night. Heath Thorne has found himself to be quiet comfortable aboard the Terry Brown owned #9, Winning his first heat after starting off of the front row.

Justin Demaine was second as he continues to show consistent pace, Trevor Raams was third. Heat Two saw battles from front to rear, Justin Demaine this time taking the heat back to the pits with him.

Trevor Raams and Heath Thorne this time finishing behind. The final saw Demaine and Thorne off the front row, T.Raams, Ben Whitehead, Mark Janssan, Tony Hardy, Rob Uren and Marty Raams filling the rest of the grid in that order.

Demaine held a battle until the end of the second lap, losing brakes and having to then drive with an extra amount of caution for the remainder of the event. Heath Thorne would go on to win the feature, Trevor Raams, Ben Whitehead, Justin Demaine rounding out the top four. The battle for the minors was also fierce but it was Rob Uren ahead of Tony Hardy and Mark Janssan to complete the field.


Shane Lambe, Andrew Leach, , Kym Cottrell and Neville Nitschke, were reunited after running together at Renmark’s Riverland Speedway last weekend.

They had the additional competition of Mick Brougham, Sarah Pope and young Mitchell Rigney who would see him swap dirt kart for Steve Schwarz’s #99 V8 powered Super Sedan. Mick Brougham was off to a flyer, winning his first heat ahead of Neville Nitschke and Kym Cottrell. Heat two was an exact repeat of the top four, Brougham, Nitschke, Cottrell and Shane Lambe.

The final was event 25/25 for the night and a twelve lap journey. Brougham and Nitschke lead the field to the green.

The race would see Nitschke and Cottrell again battle it out but Cottrell would eventually win that battle. Shane Lambe and Andrew Leach would also find each other close during the final whilst battling around the fourth position mark.

The final results seeing Mick Brougham win ahead of Nitschke, Cottrell and Lambe, with Leach, Rigney and Pope all finishing a lap down.

Official Results

SSA SUPER SEDAN A MAIN, 10 Laps- 1. S55 Mick Brougham, 2. S63 Kym Cottrell, 3. S58 Neville Nitschke, 4. S42 Shane Lambe, 5. S66 Sarah Pope, 6. S99 Mitchell Rigney, DNF S44 Andrew Leech

SSA MODIFIED SEDAN A MAIN, 15 Laps- 1. S9 Heath Thorne, 2. S0 Trevor Raams, 3. S93 Ben Whitehead, 4. S89 Justin Demaine, 5. S95 Rob Uren, 6. S31 Tony Hardy, 7. S65 Mark Janssan

SSA JUNIOR SEDAN A MAIN, 15 Laps- 1. S2 Kye McEwin, 2. S9 Lachlan Brown, 3. S88 Caitlyn Gilding, 4. MDA32 Diesel Fallon, 5. S46 Lucas Warnett, 6. S12 Max Richter, 7. S5 Riley Greig, 8. S99 Matthew Richter (14), DNF S0 Neela Fear-Wright (8)